Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Jackson Josh — fbi.gov0012@usa.com

from: FBI OFFICE <"www."@sunny.ocn.ne.jp>
reply-to: "Agent Josh (FBI)" <FBI_OFFICE.GOV@usa.com>
date: 27 March 2017 at 20:39
mailed-by: sunny.ocn.ne.jp
encryption: ocn.ad.jp did not encrypt this message

935 Pennsylvania Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20535, USA.


Good day, I am Mr. Jackson Josh from FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (FBI), we received a call yesterday from IMF Western Africa stating that your fund have been cancelled due to your inability to provide the requirements, in our conversation with the director he stated that the fund have overstayed in his custody that he will not bear the consequence of any lost that happens to the fund, he finalized by saying we the United State Government should come and take control of the fund.

we are sorry, only little or none, will America government help you in this case because the fund in question is not under America but Africa.

Now we would like to know your opinion in this transaction, in what aspect do you think United State Government can help you?

Your immediate response can be much helpful to you.

Jackson Josh (FBI)
862 955 2836

Monday, 27 March 2017

Prof James Peterson — oakfortresspublishinghouse@gmail.com

from: Prof James Peterson<paper@oakmails.tk>
reply-to: oakfortresspublishinghouse@gmail.com
to: ceo@scarletalliance.org.au
date: 24 March 2017 at 05:36
subject: Call for Paper
encryption: Standard (TLS)


Promoting research awareness


Oak-Fortress Proofreading is one of the leading online editing and proofreading firms. Our company's primary objective is to provide users with professional, proficient, and affordable editing and proofreading services. As with all academic writing, it is always important to have a fresh pair of eyes read-through your paper once you have finished the writing process. Your writing will need a sharp eye to detect all the mistakes. At Oak-Fortress Proofreading, we are interested in improving the quality of your article.

Send your document(s) for proofreading and editing to; manuscript@oakfortressproofreading.com



The Oak-Fortress Publishing House welcomes author(s) to submit their manuscripts/articles for possible publication. We publish high-quality solicited and unsolicited articles in English. All articles published will be peer-reviewed. Following acceptance, a paper will normally be published in the next available issue.

Prospective authors should send their manuscript(s) for publication under the respective journal by sending their articles as email attachments (microsoft word format) to the emails provided below: 

Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (email: ojmms@oakfortressjournals.com
Journal of Agriculture and Food Science (email: ojafs@oakfortressjournals.com
Journal of Environmental Science and Toxicology (email: ojest@oakfortressjournals.com
Journal of Educational Research and General Studies (email: ojergs@oakfortressjournals.com
Journal of Engineering, Technology and Innovation (email: ojeti@oakfortressjournals.com


Warm regards
Prof James Peterson
Editorial Assistant
Oak-Fortress Publishing House


Paper Editing Professional Team — paperediting@gmail.com / paperediting@internationalinventjournals.org

from: paperediting@internationalinventjournals.org via li1619-161.members.linode.com
date: 21 March 2017 at 22:04
subject: Call for Proofreading/editing
mailed-by: li1619-161.members.linode.com

Dear Colleague,

Submit your paper for our professional editing and proofreading services; we scrutinize your paper, line-by-line, correcting all the grammatical errors and ensuring the flow of communication with proper formatting.

After the editing process, your document will be returned to you with the suggestions highlighted, and you will be able to accept or reject each suggestion, ensuring that your main aim remains clear and that the right message is been passed across.

Submit your article today and see the difference we can make @

Kindly indicate the service type you want us to offer you.

Service Type Editing
Express (Within 48 Hours) 100usd
Regular (Within 5 working days) 75usd

We provide you with any of the services of your preferred journal guide.

Paper Editing Professional Team.

Professor Itse Sagay — professoritsesagay111@gmail.com

from: Professor Itse Sagay.<elodev@fcvnet.net>
reply-to: professoritsesagay111@gmail.com
date: 27 March 2017 at 08:55
subject: To whom it may concern 77
encryption: sakura.ne.jp did not encrypt this message

To whom it may concern, 

My name is Professor Itse Sagay, Chairman of Presidential Advisory Committee on Corruption Federal Republic of Nigeria. My reason of contacting you is in line with the desire of President Muhammadu Buhari quest to wipe corruption out of the Nigeria system. The president federal republic of Nigeria made a promise to the president of the united state of America in his first official visit to U.S.A that all foreign contractor and beneficiaries owned by the Nigeria Government will receive all their funds in his 100 days in office without further delay. Base on this the President on his return from his U.S.A trip set up this committee of highly respected and Non-corrupt elder statesmen which I was made the chairman to look into all files and documents of foreign beneficiaries whom for one reason or other are yet to receive their funds due to high level of corruption in Nigeria. Going through the files and documents in our position it shows that you are yet to receive your fund even when it is clear that the said fund belongs to you and haven't invested huge sum of money in an attempt to get this fund release to you. Base on the above mentioned I decide to contact you personally and to inform you that your fund is now ready and all necessary arrangement has been put in place for immediate release of the fund. You are hereby advice to indicate your readiness to get your fund for more advice on how to get your fund, kindly contact me on the following Email professoritsesagay111@gmail.com for more details.

Yours Faithfully
Professor Itse Sagay. 
Chairman of Presidential Advisory Committee on Corruption 
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Ken Myers — kennmy1@mail.regent.edu

from: Ken Myers <kennmy1@mail.regent.edu>
date: 27 March 2017 at 09:07
subject: Cute
Signed by: mail-regent-edu.20150623.gappssmtp.com
encryption: Standard (TLS)

I has been looking a way to reach you by email about a PROJECT.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Peter AXTENS LLB / Stephen GOULD — peter.axtens1@outlook.com / trustee.THD@gmail.com

from: Peter AXTENS LLB <peter.axtens1@outlook.com>
date: 21 March 2017 at 15:46
subject: generating employment opportunities for our Graduates
mailed-by: outlook.com
Signed by: outlook.com
encryption: Standard (TLS)

We have been writing to a number of key people like yourself to propose ways of increasing employment opportunities for Graduates and non-graduates

Are you the appropriate contact for “Information and Communication Technology [ICT]” Projects within the University of Technology Sydney [UTS] ?

In 2002 UTS was the host sponsor for a number of OIC education seminars to do with the New South Wales State Government tender for an On-line Local Government System that was to utilise XML applications

C 10 Dec 2002 LZIG - UTS - Response to Questions to "Local-e" Tenders
B 22 Nov 2002 XZIG - UTS - Central Host or Networked Local Government Systems
A 12 Nov 2002 XZIG - UTS - NSW "Local-e" Tender

The OIC submission to this tender was based on a very successful 2001 contract between the OIC and the Federal Government Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business [DEWRSB] to conduct a series of On-line Surveys with 173 NSW Councils demonstrating the importance of understanding and implementing XML [eXtensible Markup Language] applications for On-line Business

In 2000 the Federal Government had become a member of the OIC to further the knowledge and implementation of XML On-line Applications as OIC members had developed an XML Application called Tender Information Management Services [TIMS] which provided Market Intelligence analysis of Tenders

In 2003 a Consortium including US companies IBM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and SAP as well as Australian Companies Red Wahoo and TEDIS had received an Aus Federal Government Grant to develop a B2B XML Invoicing system called BizDex for the Australian Wheat Board [AWB] for its Grain exports to Countries like Iraq

However during 2006 an evaluation of the Australian Government On-line Tendering process using the Australian XML On-line “Name & Address” Standard [AS4590] owned by Red Wahoo it was discovered that the software house Red Wahoo engaged by the Government Body had developed both a “simple address” and a “complex address” format in the same Standard {Ref Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards [OASIS] International Conference in Sydney Oct 2006}

It transpires that, as it was an International Conference, the United Nations XML standard [EDIFACT] was also investigated and that also had a “simple address” and a “complex address” format in the same Standard !

On 22 Dec 2006 attendees at the Seminar resolved the issue on with a proposal that the Complex Address version should always be used for all eBusiness On-line Applications particularly as a number of Climate Change Carbon Credits web-pages used the simple address version in 2008-2012

Subsequently the conference Legal Sub-committee proposed that the format of the Uniform Civil Procedures Rules [UCPR] 2005 (NSW) should be used as the standard format for all eBusiness applications particularly for those involved with Local Government


A considerable number of ICT projects have been identified in a number of industries which we would like to share with the appropriate UTS contact

If it is not yourself please advise who we should contact. Thank you

Yours sincerely

Peter AXTENS LLB (Retired) Stephen GOULD
Chair - NSW Digital Economy Review Cmt Chair - On-line eBusiness Promotion Cmt

B: PO Box 517 Neutral Bay Junction 2089
E: trustee.THD@gmail.com
M: {61}(0)416-009-468

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Miss Vera Warlord Ibrahim Coulibaly — missvera110@gmail.com

from: Miss Vera <service20@traiana.net> via yahoo.com 
reply-to: missvera110@gmail.com
date: 18 March 2017 at 20:33
subject: Dearest,
Signed by: yahoo.com
encryption: Standard (TLS)


I know this mail will come to you as a surprise since we haven't known or come across each other before considering the fact that I sourced your email contact through the Internet in search of trusted person who can assist me. I am Miss Vera Warlord Ibrahim Coulibaly 24 years old female from the Republic of Ivory Coast,West Africa ,am the Daughter of Late Chief Sgt.Warlord Ibrahim Coulibaly (a.k.a General IB ). My late father was a well known Ivory Coast militia leader . He died on Thursday 28 April 2011 following a fight with the Republican Forces of Ivory Coast(FRCI). I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment which I am receiving from my step mother.

She planned to take away all my late father's treasury and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Father. Meanwhile I wanted to travel to Europe, but she hide away my international passport and other valuable documents. Luckily she did not discover where I kept my father's File which contained important documents. Now I am presently staying in the Mission in Burkina Faso.

I am seeking for long term relationship and investment assistance. My father of blessed memory deposited the sum of US$ 4,850 Million in one bank in Burkina Faso with my name as the next of kin. I had contacted the Bank to clear the deposit but the Branch Manager told me that being a refugee, my status according to the local law does not authorize me to carry out the operation. However, he advised me to provide a trustee who will stand on my behalf. I had wanted to inform my stepmother about this deposit but I am afraid that she will not offer me anything after the release of the money.

Therefore, I decide to seek for your help in transferring the money into your bank account while I will relocate to your country and settle down with you. As you indicated your interest to help me I will give you the account number and the contact of the bank where my late beloved father deposited the money with my name as the next of kin. It is my intention to compensate you with 40% of the total money for your assistance and the balance shall be my investment in any profitable venture which you will recommend to me as have no any idea about foreign investment. Thanking you a lot in anticipation of your quick response. I will give you details in my next mail after receiving your acceptance mail to help me ,

Yours sincerely
Miss Vera Warlord Ibrahim Coulibaly

Master Claude SARFATI — info@office-sarfati.com / office.sarfati@gmail.com

from: Service Clients <info@emails-service.org>
date: 18 March 2017 at 01:21
subject: Informations
mailed-by: emails-service.org
encryption: Standard (TLS)

We are pleased to announce that your email has been drawn, you win the amount of US $ 2,000,000 or € 1,615,000 following a raffle organized by FACEBOOK and its president Mr Mark Zuckerberg, in order to to promote the first Social network in the world, the draw took place in the United States of America, with a high definition computer system on a global email address database. 
That makes you the final winner, your winning code is this: 6H88- QQ3-R8M 

To claim your winning, we ask you to immediately contact the bailiff of French justice based in the united states who supervised the raffle confirming your winning code it using the form below referred to only one these email addresses: info@office-sarfati.com or office.sarfati@gmail.com


Gain withdrawal method:

1 You make the trip to the United States in person to collect your lot, travel formalities at your expense.

2 Bank Transfer / Forward your IBAN and BIC or bank details by email (Fast 100% secure)

3 Cashier.

Master Claude SARFATI
112 Hacker Way
94025 Menlo Park, CA, United States (USA)
SUCH. +1 415 500 98 83 (USA)
FAX. +1 415 500 98 83 (USA)

Participants just holds an email address and do not necessarily subscribe to FACEBOOK, you can contact us by phone for more information on your gain before sending your personal information.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Christina Ramirez — sill.john@yandex.com

from: Christina Ramirez <whoooop1110@yahoo.co.jp> via uts.edu.au 
reply-to: Christina Ramirez <sill.john@yandex.com>
to: jstephen@grapevine.com.au
date: 16 March 2017 at 11:55
subject: Work!
mailed-by: listserv.uts.edu.au
Signed by: uts.edu.au
encryption: Standard (TLS)

Good afternoon, 

The amazing job is now open and this is your chance to be involved. At Fast Hosting Technology, we propose our employees the opportunity to grow personally, and to contribute to the progress of a fast growing organization, and to serve others in a way that exceeds their hopes. We own and managing many strategically placed data centers under an ITIL-based monitoring environment validated for compliance against HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOC (formerly SAS 70) frameworks. Fast Hosting’s 2,000+ global clients present a rich range of products including programs, healthcare, trade, mass media and entertainment, financial services and technology. You'll be in the middle of a beneficial, exciting and concentrated work surrounding with a company at the front-line of the IT industry. Get instruct in the growing field of web hosting and win experience with computer networks, web design, Internet communication, troubleshooting, and more.

Please, read a bit of info about this vacancy below:

Name of the Position: ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (Part-Time) 
Starting Time: (Urgent) Start 
Place: VIRTUAL OFFICE (Remote) 
Obligation Department: Trading AND SALES 
SUPPORT Payment: Every 3 weeks; $2500 AUD (Including Taxes)
Probation Period: 30 Working Days.
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Maintain records of decisions
• Organize for deposits
• Processes payment, receipts and other necessary calculation performance
• Hold and transfer of funds for clients, sellers and creditor
• Answer right away to all messages (email's, phone calls or text message).

To perform this job efficiently, an candidate need to be skillful to fulfill every essential responsibility gratifyingly. The job requirements listed upward are representative of knowledge, skill and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. If you motivated in this opportunity, please send your email back to us and we will send to you more details about our company or the job. Do not forget to put the name of the vacancy in the subject of the letter.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Rahul Tiwari / Kumar — rahulkumar4562@outlook.com

from: Rahul Tiwari<rahulkumar4562@outlook.com> 
date: 28 February 2017 at 15:16
subject: New Website| Web Design|Web Development ----in excellent Discount Offer
mailed-by: outlook.com
Signed by: outlook.com
encryption: Standard (TLS)


We are a trusted web design and development agency offering creative and innovative web design & development services.

We have experienced designers and developers focused entirely on design and development services. We have the skills and expertise to help structure and mould your ideas into designs and functionalities.

Competent and talented experts who specialize in several different areas of IT including:

· Software Development

· Mobile App Development

· Android App Development

· IOS App Development

· Web Design and Development

· Graphic Design

· Internet Marketing

· eCommerce Development

· Open Source Development

· Creative Design


We are an approachable, high performing web development company with a passion for making websites work for business.

Do let me know if you are willing to discuss a possible redesigning/redevelopment of your website or designing new website.

I can send you more details on the packages/action/Portfolio/past work details.

Rahul Kumar
Creative Web Designer

Friday, 3 March 2017

Dr Greg Vannidi — greg.vannidi@gmail.com

from: Dr Greg Vannidi <vorontsova@lunn.ru>
reply-to: greg.vannidi@gmail.com
date: 2 March 2017 at 22:01
subject: Attn: Email Owner, This is the Real Truth About your Fund
mailed-by: lunn.ru
encryption: Standard (TLS)

Attn: Email Owner, This is the Real Truth About your Fund

I am compelled to write you in respect of your fund remittance, which transfer has remained unsuccessful. I am very sure that you must have lost hope of ever getting your fund transfer released especially after all the frustrations, endless disappointment and broken promises in the hands of some officials. However, I am writing you because I am familiar with the history of this fund release. My privileged knowledge and acquaintance with this payment issue is due to my closeness and association with the immediate past Finance Minister, who I worked with from 2013 until his voluntary retirement in September 20, and in addition to the current position which I still maintain within the Ministry as such and must not be revealed to any other Nigerian official no matter your cordiality and closeness.

This request must be noted in view of the fact that the current Finance Minister, Mrs. Ngozi Okonji-Iweala is yet to be briefed on some outstanding issues and information by his predecessor and other top officials of the Ministry who are not political appointees and who have worked in the Ministry for more than 2decades. Briefly, I am quite sure that you must be wondering the reason behind the non-release of your long awaited fund after our Government officially granted approval for its remittance.

I may also believe that you would have received countless, unconfirmed and spurious payment Advices and remittance instructions from some officials indicating that they have granted approval for the transfer of your fund. You may have also been directed to visit different cities and countries with the instruction that your fund would be released at such payment post or that your fund could be delivered to you at your residence. All these are cooked up Stories from impostors who wish to extort money from you while they do not have any knowledge of the true position of your fund transfer. Meanwhile, I would like you to note the following.

(1) Our government has granted irrevocable payment approval for your fund remittance.
(2) Official release of this fund according to the record from the office of the Accountant General of the Federation and Ministry of Finance have been duly effected and documented.
(3) Your fund is presently being held at Union Bank of Nigeria, the only authorized and approved bank by the Federal Government to handle all foreign contract debts.

However for the avoidance of doubt, the reason for the non-release of your fund is due to the fact that the paying Bank has not received any direct instruction about the beneficiary of the outstanding amount as the fund is still being held in the name of the original contractor's name Elblan IND.S.A. Luxembourg, in view of the non-provision of a proof of ownership of the fund and you were not told the truth by your Nigerian representatives to change Elblan IND.S.A. Luxembourg's name to your own name in other to enable you claim the fund because your Nigerian representatives is very much aware that once the truth about your fund release is told, it will put an end to their illegal extortion from you. If you are very certain that you will not disclose this information to anyone, get back to me and I will give you further directives on what you should do immediately. NB: You are advised to stop further dealings with any of your Nigeria Representatives with immediate effect, to !avoid further extortion of your money.

Get back to me through this EMAIL: greg.vannidi@gmail.com

Yours sincerely,
Dr Greg Vannidi

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Mrs Hung — mrshung7764@gmail.com

from: SibiryakovBP@ipgg.sbras.ru<SibiryakovBP@ipgg.sbras.ru>
to: "in@ca.uk" <in@ca.uk>
date: 28 February 2017 at 23:20
subject: re
mailed-by: ipgg.sbras.ru
encryption: Standard (TLS)

I have a proposal for you email me at mrshung7764@gmail.com

Yours Faithfully
Mrs Hung

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Camilia Brunnet — blueskyfilms.studio@usa.com / blueskyanimatedfilm@usa.com

from: Camilia Brunnet<agrenavcor@semar.gob.mx>
reply-to: blueskyanimatedfilm@usa.com
to: Recipients <agrenavcor@semar.gob.mx>
date: 25 February 2017 at 03:47
subject: Talent Scout
mailed-by: semar.gob.mx
encryption: Standard (TLS)

Dear Concern,

I am Talent Scout For BLUE SKY FILM STUDIO, Present Blue sky Studio a Film Corporation Located in the United State, is Soliciting for the Right to use Your Photo/Face and Personality as One of the Semi -Major Role/ Character in our Upcoming ANIMATED Stereoscope 3D Movie-The Story of Ferdinand (Ferdinand 2017) The Movie is Currently Filming (In Production) Please Note That There Will Be No Auditions, Traveling or Any Special / Professional Acting Skills, Since the Production of This Movie Will Be Done with our State of Art Computer -Generating Imagery Equipment. We Are Prepared to Pay the Total Sum of $620,000.00 USD. For More Information/Understanding, Please Write us on the E-Mail Below.

CONTACT EMAIL: blueskyfilms.studio@usa.com
All Reply to: blueskyfilms.studio@usa.com
Note: Only the Response send to this mail will be Given a Prior Consideration.

Talent Scout

Camilia Brunnet

Saturday, 11 February 2017

MARK OSOSKI — euroraffleclaims@myfairpoint.net

from: MARK OSOSKI<mososki@wideopenwest.com>
date: 10 February 2017 at 22:02
subject: Fwd: Winner
encryption: Standard (TLS)

Your Email was confirmed as the winner in Euro Raffle. Contact below email for claims: euroraffleclaims@myfairpoint.net

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd) — nigeriacustomofficalgovngco.uk@gmail.com

from: Nigerian custom service management® <".www.uit"@air.ocn.ne.jp>
reply-to: nigeriacustomofficalgovngco.uk@gmail.com
date: 31 January 2017 at 00:19
mailed-by: air.ocn.ne.jp
encryption: ocn.ad.jp did not encrypt this message




Nigerian custom service management.
Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd)

DCG Suleiman Ibrahim Idris is the
DCG Finance Administration and Technical service (FATS).

DCG Ugo Daniel Ayegba is the
DCG Enforcement, Investigation and Inspection.

DCG Ukaigwe, Paul Chigozie, fsi is the
DCG Strategic Research and Policy.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Gyanendra Singh — gyanendragyanu@outlook.com

from: Gyanendra Singh<gyanendragyanu@outlook.com>
date: 28 January 2017 at 19:50
subject: 1st Page on Google Proposal & Offer
mailed-by: outlook.com
Signed by: outlook.com
encryption: Standard (TLS)


Hope you are doing great
We can get your website on page one of Google, yahoo, Bing. Please reply on this e-mail for more info
If you can give me a website URL I can do a detailed analysis and send quotes accordingly
Email us back to get a full Proposal

Kind Regards

PS: I will be happy to send the “Proposal” and “Pricing” furthermore

Mr. Yuji Sakaguchi — yujisakaguchi8088@gmail.com

from: Mr. Yuji Sakaguchi<backoffice13@pentafon.com>
reply-to: yujisakaguchi808@gmail.com
to: Recipients <backoffice13@pentafon.com>
date: 24 January 2017 at 14:42
subject: Re: I await your quick response **(Financial Action)**
mailed-by: pentafon.com
encryption: Standard (TLS)


I am Mr. Yuji Sakaguchi. I work as a financial consultant with a reputable bank in Japan.

I contact you for a confidential business proposal worth £6.5 million belonging to a deceased customer with same last name as yours, I wish to execute this deal with you legally. If interested kindly get back to me on yujisakaguchi8088@gmail.com for details.


Yuji Sakaguchi

Monday, 9 January 2017

Mrs. Caroline Wood — ccw038290@hotmail.com

from: CAROLINE AND JOEL WOOD <cawod038290@vera.com.uy>
reply-to: CAROLINE AND JOEL WOOD <ccw038290@hotmail.com> 
date: 9 January 2017 at 14:07
subject: Re:
mailed-by: vera.com.uy
Signed by: vera.com.uy
encryption: vera.com.uy did not encrypt this message

Dear beloved,

I bid you greetings, I have important thing that could be brought your way, but the details shall be given when you confirm the receipt of this email.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Caroline Wood.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Mrs. Kadi Balla — mrskadi@foxmail.com

from: mrka.bbiq279@aol.fr 
date: 6 January 2017 at 12:41
subject: Re: I'm Mrs.Kadi BALLA, a widow
mailed-by: aol.fr
Signed by: mx.aol.fr
encryption: Standard (TLS)

Greetings to you and your family,I am Mrs.Kadi BALLA, a widow from Burkina Faso west African, I am sending this brief letter to solicit your partnership to transfer $7.5 million US dollars. I shall send you more information and procedures when I receive positive response from you, Please and please I will like you to kindly respond to my mail via my private email address for security and confidential reasons:( mrskadi@foxmail.com )

Best Regards
Mrs.Kadi Balla

Friday, 30 December 2016


from: olspneanzyfd@t-online.de <olspneanzyfd@t-online.de>
reply-to: "olspneanzyfd@t-online.de" <olspneanzyfd@t-online.de>
date: 30 December 2016 at 17:38
subject: Customer
mailed-by: t-online.de
encryption: Standard (TLS)

Dear Customer ,
International Discount Online
Quickly and easily from the comfort of your home or office.

Gesendet mit Telekom Mail <https://t-online.de/email-kostenlos> - kostenlos und sicher für alle!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Dr. Frank Wright — jsrs@modernrespub.org / jsrs.modernrespub@gmail.com

from: scientificresearch@pub.org
reply-to: jsrs.modernrespub@gmail.com
date: 16 December 2016 at 21:46
subject: Call for Papers
encryption: Standard (TLS)

Journal of Scientific Research and Studies

Are you interested in publishing scientific research articles?
Then Journal of Scientific Research and Studies is the right place for you.
So hurry up and get your papers published

Dear Colleague,

Journal of Scientific Research and Studies (JSRS) (ISSN 2375-8791) is a peer reviewed multidisciplinary international journal publishing original and high-quality articles covering a wide range of topics in scientific research, dedicated to promoting high standards and excellence in the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge. JSRS is an open access journal that publishes papers submitted in English language and is indexed in Root Indexing, International Innovative Journal Impact Factor (IIJIF) database and International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR) database.

The journal welcomes author submission of original and significant contributions. We accept to review: Research Papers, Working Papers, Short Communications, Case Studies and Literature Surveys. Articles submitted should not have been previously published or be currently under consideration for publication any place else and should report original unpublished research results.

The field of study suitable for JSRS include: Biomedical and Life Sciences, Chemistry and Materials Science, Computer Science and Communications, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Healthcare, Physics and Mathematics and finally Social Sciences and Humanities.

Prospective authors should send their manuscript(s) as email attachment in MS-Word format to:jsrs@modernrespub.org. Before submission, authors should carefully read over the journal's Instruction for authors, which are located at http://www.modernrespub.org/jsrs/Instructions%20for%20Authors.htm

It is appreciated if you could share this information with your colleagues and associates.

Best regards,

Dr. Frank Wright
Journal of Scientific Research and Studies (JSRS)

To unsubscribe, kindly send a mail to unsubscribe@morepublisher.us

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Belinda Tang — ptrsqrs@yahoo.com

from: Belinda Tang <dorian866@gmail.com>
reply-to: ptrsqrs@yahoo.com
date: 19 December 2016 at 19:58
subject: Proposal.
mailed-by: gmail.com
Signed by: gmail.com
encryption: Standard (TLS)

Dear Prospective Partner,

We wish to engage you or a company (which you own directly) for a business deal worth $33 million. 

A client of ours (who is a Vice Premier in China) successfully facilitated a multi-billion-dollar oil and gas deal for China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and has earned a facilitator’s commission of $33 million which has already been paid into a Blind-Trustee account. 

Although she earned it legally, it is forbidden for her to claim ownership and keep it in China. 

Hence, she has now recruited our services to source a well-qualified partner whom she can appoint as an administrator/trustee over this asset. Your role will be to:

[1]. Become the new administrator/trustee.
[2]. Close and relocate sum.

This is an all expenses fully paid business deal where you earn 500k at deal closing. If you are interested, request for more details, terms & conditions.

Belinda Tang.

Harry Brookes — edrunity@gmail.com

from: European Debt Recovery Unit <teste@adventistas.org.br>
reply-to: European Debt Recovery Unit <edrunity@gmail.com>
date: 19 December 2016 at 16:34
subject: Re [Press Review]
mailed-by: adventistas.org.br
encryption: unob.org.br did not encrypt this message


I am very sorry I have to reach you through this medium. I am a member of the European Debt Recovery Unit and I am aware of your sad ordeal about your unpaid fund.

It may interest you to know that not long after the Debt Management Office (DMO) completed the merger and acquisition process of all pending payments occasion through the petition raised by the international community about their unpaid funds. I discovered that their boss connived with some top officials to divert funds approve to settle unpaid inheritances, email lottery winners, Internet scam victims, unclaimed consignments(concealed funds) and International Contractors.

The DMO has already given approval for the payment of your fund but they deliberately withheld your payment file and continue to demand fees from you through their associates from different unassigned affiliates mostly from Africa, US and the Netherlands all in an attempt to frustrate you and enrich themselves. I wonder why you haven’t notice all this while.

You may choose to disbelieve this email as inconceivable but my doctrine does not permit such act, reason I have to open up to you to seek the right channel. Your fund was authorized to be paid to you through the DMO asset management firm with a Key Tested Reference/Claim Code Number, which was supposed to have been issued to you before now.

Upon your response to my message, I shall guide you through and provide you with details to contact the assigned affiliate who will facilitate the release of your fund.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Yours Faithfully,
Harry Brookes.
European Debt Recovery Agent, UK.

This e-mail and any attachments may contain information which is confidential, privileged, proprietary or otherwise protected by law.

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Friday, 9 December 2016


date: 6 December 2016 at 08:45
subject:Xmas Loan Offer!
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Loans available at 3% if interested email us at maa1216666@gmail.com with 
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Monday, 21 November 2016

Michelle Nena — iijmms@internationalinventjournals.org / manuscript@internationalinventjournals.org

from: iijmms@internationalinventjournals.org
date: 20 November 2016 at 08:43
subject: Call for paper
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Dear Colleague,

International Invention Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (IIJMMS) is inviting you to submit your papers in all field of medicine and medical science to be published in her November 2016 issue that will be out shortly. Kindly send your manuscript as e-mail attachment to the editorial office at: iijmms@internationalinventjournals.org OR manuscript@internationalinventjournals.org to submit your manuscript if it does not fall within this field of study.

You can view our recent issues with the link below:


The scope of articles for this journal includes case studies, theoretical and empirically based research. All manuscript shall be peer reviewed and selection will be based on the strength of quality, originality and contribution to knowledge.

IIJMMS editorial board makes objective and quick decision on each manuscript and informs the corresponding author within two weeks of submission. If the editorial board accepts the paper, it will be published in the next available issue. Publications are made monthly (one volume per year) by International Invention Journals.

All published manuscripts and instruction for author will be available on the Journal’s website at www.internationalinventjournals.org

Open Access Journals

We are fully committed to providingunrestricted access to all journals as soon they are published. Kindly support this initiative by publishing your papers in this journal. We strongly believe that our journal will help to develop your own professional career.

We welcome all your submissions.

We hope you will consider International Invention Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (IIJMMS) for your submissions. All papers for submission should be sent as a Microsoft Word File via email attachment to: iijmms@internationalinventjournals.org

Best regards,

Michelle Nena
Editorial Assistant,
International Invention Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (IIJMMS)
E-mail: iijmms@internationalinventjournals.org

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Team MEGA — support@mega.nz

from: MEGA <support@mega.nz>
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date: 21 November 2016 at 07:31
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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Mrs.Katherine Pascal — katherinepascal@barid.com

from: Mrs.Katherine Pascal <mrs.kathrine3@aol.de>
date: 18 November 2016 at 20:46
subject: Kindly Accept My Donation
mailed-by: aol.de
Signed by: mx.aol.de
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I am Mrs Katherine Pascal. an aging widow suffering from Cancer illness .I have some funds Which I have inherited from my late husband, the sum of ($10.9 Million Dollars) And I needed a very honest and sincere Individual or co-operate organization that will use the fund for work of humanity,

I found your email address from the Human resources data base and decided to contact you. Please if you would be able to use the funds for the work of humanity as I have stated here in order to fulfill my late husband wishes please, kindly reply me back immediately through my private email address for more details: katherinepascal@barid.com

Mrs.Katherine Pascal

Friday, 18 November 2016

Dr. Frank Wright — jsrs.modernrespub@gmail.com

from: scientificresearch@pub.org
reply-to: jsrs.modernrespub@gmail.com
to: c09271020@bjtu.edu.cn
date: 18 November 2016 at 09:15
subject: Call for Papers
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Journal of Scientific Research and Studies

Are you interested in publishing scientific research articles?
Then Journal of Scientific Research and Studies is the right place for you.
So hurry up and get your papers published

Dear Colleague,

Journal of Scientific Research and Studies (JSRS) (ISSN 2375-8791) is a peer reviewed multidisciplinary international journal publishing original and high-quality articles covering a wide range of topics in scientific research, dedicated to promoting high standards and excellence in the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge. JSRS is an open access journal that publishes papers submitted in English language and is indexed in Root Indexing, International Innovative Journal Impact Factor (IIJIF) database and International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR) database.

The journal welcomes author submission of original and significant contributions. We accept to review: Research Papers, Working Papers, Short Communications, Case Studies and Literature Surveys. Articles submitted should not have been previously published or be currently under consideration for publication any place else and should report original unpublished research results.

The field of study suitable for JSRS include: Biomedical and Life Sciences, Chemistry and Materials Science, Computer Science and Communications, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Healthcare, Physics and Mathematics and finally Social Sciences and Humanities.

Prospective authors should send their manuscript(s) as email attachment in MS-Word format to:jsrs@modernrespub.org. Before submission, authors should carefully read over the journal's Instruction for authors, which are located at 

It is appreciated if you could share this information with your colleagues and associates.

Best regards,

Dr. Frank Wright
Journal of Scientific Research and Studies (JSRS)

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Monday, 14 November 2016

Friedrich And Annand Mayrhofer — friedrich_mayehofe@foxmail.com

from: Mayrhofer's Foundation <hernabugueno@unach.cl>
reply-to: "friedrich_mayehofe@foxmail.com" <friedrich_mayehofe@foxmail.com>
date: 13 November 2016 at 21:33
subject: Charity Project !!!
mailed-by: unach.cl
encryption: unach.cl did not encrypt this message

My wife and I have awarded you with a donation of $ 1,000,000.00 Dollars from part of our Jackpot Lottery of 50 Million Dollars, respond with your details for claims.

We await your earliest response and God Bless you.

Friedrich And Annand Mayrhofer.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Dr. David Ashton — drdavidashton202@gmail.com

from: David Ashton<orderproc.gt2@sieradproduce.com>
reply-to: drdavidashton202@gmail.com
to: Recipients <orderproc.gt2@sieradproduce.com>
date: 12 November 2016 at 16:08
subject: Hello
encryption: telkomsigma.com did not encrypt this message

I am Dr. David Ashton from Brondesbury, North West London, here in England. I work for UBS INVESTMENT Wank London branch. I am writing you from my office that will be of an immense benefit for both of us. In my department, being a member of the Group Executive Committee and Chief Risk Officer (Greater London Regional Office), I discovered an abandoned sum of £15 Million Great British Pounds Sterling (Fifteen Million Great British Pounds) in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customers Late Mr. Steve Allen.

All I require now is your honest Co-operation, Confidentiality and Trust to enable us sees this transaction through. I guarantee you that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. Please provide me the following if you are interested: as we have few days to run it through this is very URGENT PLEASE.

1. Full Your Direct Mobile Number 3. You’re Contact Address 4. Date of Birth.

Best Regards

Dr.David Ashton
Mobile Number :+447937462412
E-mail address: drdavidashton202@gmail.com

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Mrs Alice Banneth — mrsaliciabanneth@gmail.com

from: Mrs Alice Banneth <mrsaliciabanneth@gmail.com> via yahoo.com 
reply-to: Mrs Alice Banneth <mrsaliciabanneth@gmail.com>
date: 9 November 2016 at 13:55
subject: Peace of the lord be with you and your family.
Signed by: yahoo.com
encryption: Standard (TLS)

Dear friend

It's my pleasure to have contact with you, based on the critical condition I find mine self, though, it's not financial problem, but my health, you might have know that cancer is not what to talk about at home I am married to Mr. Abaulkarim banneth who worked with Tunisia embassy in Burkina Faso for nine years before he died in the year 2008.We were married for eleven years without a child. He died after a brief illness that lasted for five days.

Since his death I decided not to remarry because of the atitude of his adorpted child that do away with some property as the only son , When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of US$ 14.2m ) in a wank in Burkina Faso, Presently this money is still in wank. And My Doctor told me that I don't have much time to live because of the cancer problem, Having known my condition I decided to hand over this fund to a responsible person that have fear of God to take care of the less-privileged people with fond , please utilize this money the way I am going to instruct here I want you to take 30 Percent of the total money for your personal use While 70% of the money will go to charity people and helping the orphanage.

I don't want my husband's efforts to be used by the Government. I grew up as an Orphan and I don't have anybody as my family member, I am expecting your respond

Mrs Alice Banneth
written from Hospital